AOR AR-DV10 No Use as a 406 MHz COSPAS SARSAT Receiver

A French company called PRO-SIC who is also AOR France and F5HPE offer a 180 Euro “Upgrade” for the AOR AR-DV10 to receive COSPAS SARSAT data on 406 MHz.

Even if the DV10 met its +/- 5ppm spec it could be as much as 2kHz off frequency which is no use when the COSPAS frequency allocations are spaced 3kHz apart, there is a good chance you would be on the wrong channel or drifting half way between channels.

SARSAT beacons use a +/- 0.2ppm TCXO, AOR spec the DV10 at +/- 5ppm, fail to meet their spec and then sell it as a device capable of use for search and rescue!

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