AOR DV10 Firmware 1810A – 3 Months On – Same Problems

AOR finally released firmware 1810A for the AR DV10, after waiting almost 3 months for this update its a similar shambolic mess as the previous firmware. 1 or 2 relatively useless features have been added but more importantly the major issues of frequency accuracy, frequency drift, random lockups, memory corruption all still exist.

From an inital test of DV10 Firmware 1810A we found:-

  • Its still off frequency, its not possible to adjust it on frequency on all bands.
  • Set it at UHF and its out on HF, at 100kHz its 1300PPM off.
  • It still drifts.
  • It still suffers memory corruption, lockups and freezes.
  • It still has the problem where randomly the 2.6kHz SSB filter produces garbled audio.
  • The automode filter is still locked at 15kHz, not optimum for DMR, NXDN, DSTAR or NFM.

An initial frequency dift measurement at 452MHz, ambient temperature over a 2 hour period gave a drift of +1360Hz to -640Hz, 2kHz total, this is only at ambient temperature though not from -10 to +50C.

DV10 Firmware 1810A seems to have had very little work done on it, considering it has taken almost 3 months to appear it would seem AOR have given up.

Rather than correcting the serious problems, they have been playing around adding mostly pointless “features”.

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