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AOR AR-DV10 Faults and Problems

The Yaesu / AOR DV10 is riddled with faults and buggy firmware, here is a list of some of them:- DV10 Major Faults 1. Frequency drifts with temperature making it USELESS as a narrow band or digital receiver, drift is … Continue reading

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DV10 vs Whister TRX-1 vs Uniden BCD436HP

Quick test of the AOR DV10 compared to Whistler TRX-1 and Uniden BCD436HP on UHF DMR, the Uniden and Whistler give good decode, the AOR DV10 hears nothing, even when tuning to correct its 3kHz frequency error.

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AOR AR-DV10 DMR Comparison Against £99 RSP1A SDR

Very disappointing DMR performance from the AOR AR-DV10 when compared against the RSP1A SDR, both on same antenna. Perfect decode on the RSP1A with DSD+ but signal not even detected on the AOR DV10.

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