AOR AR-DV10 Faults and Problems

The Yaesu / AOR DV10 is riddled with faults and buggy firmware, here is a list of some of them:-

DV10 Major Faults

1. Frequency drifts with temperature making it USELESS as a narrow band or digital receiver, drift is as much as 54ppm at 5MHz. Shanon Volmet on 5505kHz needs to be tuned to 5504.7kHz to hear it, 300Hz off when radio is hot.
2. 2.6kHz SSB filter is broken and unusable, although after certain key presses it appears to randomly work.
3. Remote control commands related to memory channels or search banks cause such a severe lockup the battery has to be removed.
4. Automode bandwidth is too wide at 15kHz, it needs a narrow automode option.
5. DMR decoding is poor compared to Uniden or Whistler scanners, 15kHz is too wide a bandwidth for decoding weaker DMR signals.
6. The auto digital mode detector is poorly implemented, it will often blurt out random digital noise due it thinking it has found a digital signal.
7. Due to the filter being too wide it decodes NXDN control channels into garbled voice that are 3.125kHz spaced away from the current frequency.
8. The radio is supplied with an Airband antenna, no use on a receiver designed to cover 100kHz to 1300MHz

DV10 Bugs

Search Mode Bugs

No option in search bank edit to turn attenuator on, if attenuator is turned on by selecting it from menu while searching, it resets as the bank search starts over.

If you select to Pass a frequency during search, the attenuator setting will come on as the bank search starts over.

If search is stopped by pressing ENT, radio enters VFOZ, if the step is changed in VFOZ, when ENT is pressed again the search continues as the VFOZ step not the step size stored for the bank.

AUT1 filter too wide, if searching in 6.25kHz steps the DV10 will stop 6.25kHz below the actuall frequency it should stop on, it needs an option to change the filter to 6kHz or a separate auto mode with 6kHz filter.

Setting pass frequency by remote command will cause a severe lockup requiring power and battery removal to reboot the DV10.

Memory Mode Bugs

No option to store attenuator setting for memory channel.

When editing memory channel mode (option 4) not all modes are shown if knob rotated counter clockwise.

Impossible to write memory channels by remote control, radio will freeze requiring battery removal.

Missing Features Expected on a Digital Receiver

DMR only displays colour code and sometimes gets it wrong on weaker signals, as a minimum it should display Talkgroup, Radio ID, system type and whether RAS is in use.


Overall the DV10 gives the impression its some sort pre-production model that wasn’t finished, AOR and Yaesu have not given any confidence that they will or can fix the main problem which is the frequency error and drift, despite many emails to joint developer Yaesu they have not responded at all.


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