AOR Admit 15kHz Filter on AR-DV10 to Mitigate Frequency Error / Drift

A post has appeared on Radio Reference indicating that AOR have deliberately used a 15000Hz (15kHz) filter in the AOR AR-DV10 to counter the radios terrible frequency error and drift.

The issue with this is that 15kHz is far too wide for narrow digital modes like DMR, NXDN 4800 and DSTAR resulting in a much higher Bit Error Rate and poor decoding performance. It also means its not possible to search in 6.25kHz steps or lower in automode AUT1.

It highlights the total incompetence of AOR, they have designed a piece of hardware so flawed that they are having to use more than twice the required bandwidth to capture a signal.

This doesn’t explain the 54ppm error at HF though.

The post claims to be a response from AOR or an AOR dealer and reads as below:-

Here is the reply from our engineer:

The AR-DV10 brochure states +/-5ppm frequency stability. In clear that means that if you are receiving a signal at 450MHz, it might drift by +/- 2250Hz.
At 140MHz it’s approx +/-1000Hz.

After turning on the AR-DV10, internal temperature is rapidly increasing , that would make the frequency drift.

+/-2250Hz is no problem for decoding of digital modes, since the filter bandwidth is 15000Hz.

In comparison, the AR-DV1 is 2.5ppm, AR5001D is 0.1ppm.

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