AOR DV10 Firmware 1807A Bugs Faults & Frequency Drift

Tests results on AOR DV10 firmware 1807A, some small improvements but a long way to go.

  1. Frequency drift – Initial test on the frequency drift shows some improvement but further testing is continuing, as the radio warms up from ambient, at 459MHz it ended up 1500Hz off frequency when hot. Cooling the radio, couldn’t get anywhere near the spec limit of -10 degrees C but at around 0-5 degress C the radio drifted the other direction around -1400Hz, this would equate to around +/- 3ppm which although may be in spec is pretty dismal for a modern radio. It would also make it unsuitable for search and rescue use as you be in between cospas channels that are only spaced 3kHz apart.
  2. Testing at HF shows a much bigger ppm drift, when cold the radio was almost 400Hz off frequency, 72ppm off which is way outside the spec.
  3. No noticeable improvement could be found with DMR decoding, the DV10 still has no option to select a 6kHz filter in automode AUT1 or in modes like DMR, the option to user select the IFBW for all modes would be an easy way to improve performance.By having the automode AUT1 fixed at 15kHz its impossible to search using 6.25kHz steps as the radio will stop on the wrong frequency, it is also impossible to monitor a DMR channel spaced 3.125kHz away from a NXDN signal which is common in here.
  4. Remote control memory related commands still lock the radio solid, tried writing 10 memories using MX command, even with 5 second delay between each command radio ends up locked requiring battery removeal, seems to corrupt the radio, sometimes need full reset afterwards.It seems any command related to writing the DV10 internal memory, memory commands, search bank commands, set a search pass frequency (PW command) cause the radio to lock solid and cause corruption.
  5. 2.6kHz SSB filter still seems to randomly not work and produced a garbled mess, no improvement in SSB audio could be found, just the filter problem still.





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