AOR AR-DV10 Problems and Firmware Bugs (1806B)

This is the list of known AOR DV10 problems, firmware bugs and other items that need fixing as of June 2018, firmware 1806B

Critical – Certain Remote commands mainly associated with memory channels / search channels cause the DV10 to completely freeze requiring the battery to be removed.
Critical – The AR-DV10 hangs when a recording to the SD card finishes.
Important – The DMR bandwidth is too wide, it should be FM6 not FM15
Important – An option to select FM6 in automode needs to be added, FM15 is too wide for narrow modes
Important – The DV10 will randomly mis-identify noise as a digital signal and blurt out garbled noise, like R2D2
Missing Feature – Display of Radio Ids (RId) and Talkgroups (TG)

The supplied antenna appears to be tuned for Airband frequencies and does not perform well at UHF – AOR have stated they are going to supply a telescopic replacement antenna to address this.

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