AOR AR-DV10 Firmware 1806B Full of Bugs

AOR have just released version 1806B firmware for their AR-DV10 receiver but it seems to be half finished and full of bugs. One of the main issues noted so far is trying to issue remote control commands to the receiver via USB. Whilst some commands seem to function, almost anything memory related causes the DV10 to completely freeze to the point where the battery has to be removed.

One developer commented:-

I have been struggling all day, and on previous days, with the DV10 external control and it ‘locking up’ intermittently, needing power removed and re-applied to get it going.

My problems relate to Memory Channels too, specifically reading them back from the DV10. Sometimes it reads back a few, then locks up. As you say there is no way of using the Radio until power is removed.

I had come to the conclusion it was most likely a firmware glitch, but as to all intermittent things, one can never be quite sure if it is Operator error. I have tried in vain to isolate a cause re. programming, but in the light of your comment am 99% sure it is a firmware glitch.

On a superficial basis many of them respond, but that is not good enough, because repeating the same command, or sending another can result in a ‘freeze’.

There are other problem commands too. For example in a Search Bank the ‘Title’ is often not saved, or will not appear when ‘reading’ a Search Bank’s details. Again an ‘intermittent. Executing a SEARCH often results in the Radio locking up. I am slowly going through all the commands I need for my program, and it is very frustrating.

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