Quick Video Showing How AOR Recommended Software Locks the AR-DV10

AORs recommended software (DV10 Manager) causes the radio to lock solid, requiring battery removal.

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AOR AR-DV10 Faults and Problems

The Yaesu / AOR DV10 is riddled with faults and buggy firmware, here is a list of some of them:-

DV10 Major Faults

1. Frequency drifts with temperature making it USELESS as a narrow band or digital receiver, drift is as much as 54ppm at 5MHz. Shanon Volmet on 5505kHz needs to be tuned to 5504.7kHz to hear it, 300Hz off when radio is hot.
2. 2.6kHz SSB filter is broken and unusable, although after certain key presses it appears to randomly work.
3. Remote control commands related to memory channels or search banks cause such a severe lockup the battery has to be removed.
4. Automode bandwidth is too wide at 15kHz, it needs a narrow automode option.
5. DMR decoding is poor compared to Uniden or Whistler scanners, 15kHz is too wide a bandwidth for decoding weaker DMR signals.
6. The auto digital mode detector is poorly implemented, it will often blurt out random digital noise due it thinking it has found a digital signal.
7. Due to the filter being too wide it decodes NXDN control channels into garbled voice that are 3.125kHz spaced away from the current frequency.
8. The radio is supplied with an Airband antenna, no use on a receiver designed to cover 100kHz to 1300MHz

DV10 Bugs

Search Mode Bugs

No option in search bank edit to turn attenuator on, if attenuator is turned on by selecting it from menu while searching, it resets as the bank search starts over.

If you select to Pass a frequency during search, the attenuator setting will come on as the bank search starts over.

If search is stopped by pressing ENT, radio enters VFOZ, if the step is changed in VFOZ, when ENT is pressed again the search continues as the VFOZ step not the step size stored for the bank.

AUT1 filter too wide, if searching in 6.25kHz steps the DV10 will stop 6.25kHz below the actuall frequency it should stop on, it needs an option to change the filter to 6kHz or a separate auto mode with 6kHz filter.

Setting pass frequency by remote command will cause a severe lockup requiring power and battery removal to reboot the DV10.

Memory Mode Bugs

No option to store attenuator setting for memory channel.

When editing memory channel mode (option 4) not all modes are shown if knob rotated counter clockwise.

Impossible to write memory channels by remote control, radio will freeze requiring battery removal.

Missing Features Expected on a Digital Receiver

DMR only displays colour code and sometimes gets it wrong on weaker signals, as a minimum it should display Talkgroup, Radio ID, system type and whether RAS is in use.


Overall the DV10 gives the impression its some sort pre-production model that wasn’t finished, AOR and Yaesu have not given any confidence that they will or can fix the main problem which is the frequency error and drift, despite many emails to joint developer Yaesu they have not responded at all.


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AR-DV10 vs Kenwood TH-D74 on HF

AOR AR-DV10 vs Kenwood TH-D74e on HF, the DV10 has drifted 300Hz off frequency which equates to 54ppm!!

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DV10 vs Whister TRX-1 vs Uniden BCD436HP

Quick test of the AOR DV10 compared to Whistler TRX-1 and Uniden BCD436HP on UHF DMR, the Uniden and Whistler give good decode, the AOR DV10 hears nothing, even when tuning to correct its 3kHz frequency error.

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Remote Control Software for the AOR AR-DV1 eSpyonARD

If you’re looking for a great remote control program for the AOR AR-DV1 then we recommend eSpyonARD. It offers some great control features and even a spectrum scope, the author was hoping to release a version for the AOR DV10 but unfortunatley due to the DV10 being in such a mess its not possible at this time.

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AOR AR-DV10 Problems 2.6kHz Digital SSB Filter Broken

Trying to have a quick listen to Shannon Volmet last night on 5505kHz I found the 2.6kHz digital SSB filter on the AOR DV10 doesn’t work and produces garbled audio. The DV10 is also off freqency. Followed by trying to test the DV10 in SSB mode using a comms analyser.

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Frequency Error Test AOR AR-DV10 vs AR-DV1

Quick test in the 450MHz band showing the frequency error problem tha AR-DV10 has:-

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AOR DV-10 Frequency Error at 800MHz

The AOR DV-10 frquency error is 7-8kHz at 800MHz, video below.

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AOR AR-DV10 Frequency Error at 450MHz

In between working I’ve done more tests on the AOR DV10 today, it clearly has frequency stability issues, here is a video showing the issue around 450MHz.

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AOR AR-DV10 Review

I was intending to write a full review of the AOR DV10 receiver but its performance is so bad I would class it not fit for purpose. Here’s why….

When Yaesu say they have been working together with AOR to produce a receiver, you at least expect it to work as per the specification and advertisements, alas it does not. Yaesu claim:-

“YAESU is proud to announce that AOR, a leading radio manufacturer in the professional / government sector, and YAESU has been working together to develop a new SDR handheld receiver, AR-DV10, and AOR has decided to distribute the new SDR handheld receiver in the North America through YAESU distribution channels.”

Lets get one thing straight, the DV10 is not fit for consumer / hobby use, let alone professional or goverment use!

Although VHF performance seems ok, but not great, UHF DMR performance is dismal, the Uniden BCD436HP way out performs it as shown in my video and I was struggling to understand how the AOR DV10 was so bad, then I found it, at UHF the DV10 is 3kHz off frequency, now bearing in mind some channels, in particular NXDN are offset by 3.125kHz that brings into perspective how bad the AR-DV10 is, 3kHz off frequency makes it useless!

The latest firmware is a broken mess, some of the remote commands cause the radio to lock so solid the battery has to be pulled, the AR-DV10 sometimes hangs when a recording to the SD card finishes, it feels like some DIY prototype that never quite got finished.

The DMR bandwidth is set wrong, its too wide, it should be FM6 not FM15, maybe it was left deliberately wide to try and cater for ridiculous frequency error.

Conclusion, its not finished, not fit for purpose and should be removed from sale until things are fixed.

Since publishing my findings on the DV10 performance many others have found the exact same problems, whilst reviewing the HF performance of the DV10 we have found the unit drifts 300Hz on the Shannon Volmet frequency of 5505kHz, the DV10 has to be tuned to 5504.7kHz, this drift equates to 54.5ppm which is more than 10 times the specification value of 5ppm.

We have asked both AOR and Yaesu for a proper technical statement regarding the issues.

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